A lifestyle newborn session at the NAPCP Retreat in Atlanta Georgia.

Yikes!  My last blog post here was during my pregnancy!

I STILL haven’t blogged Grant’s newborn photos…

He’s already 4 months, I’m back at work, and time is flying.  Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with me on Instagram and Periscope… it’s all I can manage to juggle these days!

In January, Shaun, Grant and I all traveled down to Georgia so I could speak at the NAPCP Retreat. We stayed at the gorgeous Ritz Carlton Reynolds Lake Oconee.

Grant was a great little traveler.  Shaun and I loved the getaway.  We met so many amazing photographers.  We made so many new friends.

On day 2 of the retreat, I demonstrated a lifestyle newborn session with this gorgeous family.  Now, normally in a lifestyle session we are in a client’s home.  We use the nursery, and their living room, and perhaps go into the yard for a few if the weather is nice.  This lifestyle newborn session was in a banquet room!  lol  It was a great example of how to make any situation work.

Find the light.  Capture the love.  The rest is just details.

We took some photos indoors and then headed out as a group to find some better backgrounds.  I couldn’t resist the light coming through the trees.

Here’s a sneak peek of the fun we had!

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