A sneak peek of our April 2014 Workshop Models!

Our April workshop was over too soon!  It ushered in Spring for our studio and we were feeling bright and colorful for all of our sessions.  Here is a quick sneak peek for all of our amazing “models” who are just real, local families and good sports!  They were amazing for us, taking the time out of their busy schedules to travel to the studio and help us share what we do with other photographers.  A huge thank you to our models and our attendees who we are now lucky to consider friends.  More from April to come after I return from teaching in Seattle!  xo ~ Heidi6 month portraits33 6 month portraits34 6 month portraits35 6 month portraits36 6 month portraits37 newborn portraits25 newborn portraits26 newborn portraits27 newborn portraits28 newborn portraits29 newborn portraits30 newborn portraits31 newborn portraits32 twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons01_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons02_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons03_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons04_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons05_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons06_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons07_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons08_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons09_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons11_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons12_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons13_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons14_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons16_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons17_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons18_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons19_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons20_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons21_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons22_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons23_WEB twinkletwinklecakesmash_familyportraits_balloons24_WEB

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