Business boundaries that attract invested clients


Can you believe that March is almost over!?

This week we moved our business education posts from our Facebook Heidi Hope Photography over to our new Photographer’s Rising page (come follow us!) and we’re getting super excited about big things taking place for that community (AND YOU!)

Photographer Rising is rapidly growing beyond our wildest dreams and we’re so honored and excited to be able to serve you and your photography business. We can’t wait to share more of what we’re working on behind the scenes!

Mark your calendars as we’ll be announcing the availability of our new baby plan mini video & ebook course coming out on April 1st which will be available for a limited time!


    • The nightmare client situation that ended in a puddle (literally!) of tears and learning the hard way that lead us to implementing three important business boundaries that everyone needs to have in place to attract to attract the dream clients that value your time. 
    • How to collect session fees | Why and when charging the session fee is important and the policies around that session fee that prevents clients from flaking out or constant rescheduling,


    • Advance policies & pricing communication | The reason we take every new inquiry through the process of our policies and pricing so that they know everything to expect about how we work and our processes and procedures.

    •  3 appointment process |  The importance to why we’re up front at the beginning before booking about our 3 appointment process to ensure that we get people who are excited to work with us beginning through end.



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