FAQ Friday: Smash cakes and posting photos online!


Welcome to FAQ Friday with HHP! We post a call for questions on our Facebook wall and our YouTube Channel and select the 2 most popular questions on Friday to answer for you here! Let’s get started!

Here are our top questions this week:

Q from Heather: Cake smash – how much is the cake and do you include with fee of session? What do you do with all of that left over cake?

A: Hi Heather! Great question! Our friends next door at Sweet Indulgence make our custom cake smash cakes for us. Our custom sets with cakes are $65, and we include that in the cake smash session fee. Our cakes tend to get pretty deconstructed by the end of the shoot, so we’ll wrap it up in the background paper and chuck it (unless the parents want a bite!). 🙂

WHOA, great question!

Q from Elizabeth: Do you have to get model releases to post photos on the internet and/or use for advertising?

A: Hi Elizabeth! We include a model release in our contract that every client signs before their shoot. That release includes separate sections for Facebook and our Blog, where the client tells us whether they give permission to post on each site. Some clients want photos on the blog and not facebook, or none on the internet at all. If the client doesn’t want images online, we typically don’t use them for portfolio or advertising without specific permission.

That took some serious thinking.

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