Soar above your competition by setting your creative genius free. FAQ Friday, October 10th 2014.

I am so glad you’re reading this week’s edition of FAQ Friday because I have some special sauce to share with you.  So special I couldn’t wait until Friday!  It’s the kind of sauce that can turn your business and your life around.  How can I make such a bold claim?  Well, it’s exactly what I did!

This week’s topic is dear to my heart because I’ve been exploring the idea and putting it into practice for the past decade.  I’m sharing the real way to soar above your competition, create a fulfilling career AND take price out of the equation in your business.  I think everyone, not just photographers, can take something away from this week’s episode.  When we learn to rely more on our own creative instincts we align ourselves with our passion, our purpose and well, pretty much everyone great who has ever lived.  What’s more epic than that?

So check out this week’s FAQ Friday and pretty please let me know what you think in the comment section of the blog when you’re done.  Hearing from you makes me do a happy dance!  You should see it.  It’s awesome.  Of course I would be honored if you shared this episode with those you love.  I think everyone needs a little more creativity their lives!


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