Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Photographer Rising Online Workshop?

The Photographer Rising Online Workshop is a 1 week photography and business workshop that teaches the effective business planning, marketing strategies and creative photography techniques that have helped Heidi Hope Photography grow to be one of the most successful portrait studios in the country.

It includes 5 days of live instruction with me (Heidi Hope) in a webinar format. During the webinar I will give live instruction, assignments, power points and play footage from my photography sessions. At the end of each day there will be a live interactive Q&A session to follow up on the day’s ideas. With two assistants I will also be taking questions live throughout the broadcast related to the topic at hand. Any questions we didn’t get to that day will be addressed the very next morning.

The live workshop will be recorded and hosted in a private member-only area of our website and available for viewing for 1 month. During that month, Heidi will have committed time to keep in touch with workshop students, answer follow-up questions and watch your success! The Online Workshop includes a Facebook community where you can keep in touch with Heidi and fellow like-minded photographers in the Photographer Rising community.

Plus, once you enroll for the Photographer Rising Workshop, you are a member for life. That means you can join us for all future Photographer Rising Online workshops for as long as they run.

What is the difference between the online workshop and the retreat? Which one is right for me?

Photographer Rising Retreats are a perfect compliment to our online workshops. The online workshop is one week of live online learning with Heidi that is designed to transform your photography business from the ground up. It focuses intensely on business planning, finance, pricing, sales, marketing, branding, business management etc. The Photographer Rising Retreats focus on the fun stuff… photography! Spend 3 days eating, sleeping and breathing photography. Meet the HHP team, tour our natural light studio, learn from the industry’s best photographers and take your work to the next level!

Who should take the Photographer Rising Online Workshop?

You are a motivated and ambitious beginner.
The Photographer Rising Online workshop is not a basic photography course. Photographers enrolling should have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of photography including Manual Exposure, Focus, and a basic understanding of Photoshop. This course is perfect for those who have a solid knowledge of photography and need a learning experience that can teach them exactly how to translate their photography skills into a successful, profitable business.

You are ready to dive in!
You’ve been into photography for a while, a recent college graduate, portfolio building for some time, or just getting your feet wet in your photography business. It is time to either dive into photography full time or jump ship. This course will help you determine your next move and set up a foundation for success should you choose to commit to a career in photography. It gives realistic and practical advice I wish I knew when I began!

You are at a major turning point in your career.
Perhaps you want to go full time. Or open a studio space. Maybe you want to specialize in a different genre or open a new division. If you are at a place in your business where you are ready to make a change or a greater commitment, this course will help you plan for the future and create the action steps necessary to get you there. It will help you consider exactly what you want your business to look like and give you the tools to create it for yourself.

You are an experienced professional.
You are a seasoned photographer, have a strong portfolio, have taken workshops, have been in business for years, but something is still missing. Your business needs to be re-inspired or restructured. You might be burnt out and wanting a change. You still aren’t seeing the profits you want. You are working too many hours. You want to attract clients who value you. You want to love photography again. I have been there myself and in this workshop I explain in detail how I got past it and how you can too!

What if I can't watch the online workshop live?

The Workshop will be recorded and available for viewing for 1 month after the live broadcasts. We highly recommend you treat this just as you would an in-person workshop and clear the time in your schedule to watch live with us, participate in the Q&A and get the most out of your experience!

Will you be offering this again?

My plan is to run the online workshop and retreat at least once per year depending on the demand. There are no future dates scheduled at this time.

What is the investment? Are there payment plans?

The investment for the Online Workshop is $1800. The investment for the Maternity and Newborn Retreat 2015 is $3900.00 and includes all meals and accommodations. There is an optional payment plan available at checkout.

Will the price go up?

Yes. I do plan on raising the price for future online workshops as I continue to add more information. Signing up for this workshop grants you access to all future Photographer Rising Live Online Workshops for as long as they run.

If I have taken the online workshop or the retreat, is the other a repeat of information?

No! We have designed the online workshop and retreat to compliment each other! Retreats are designed to be a hands on application of the techniques discussed in the online workshop.

What if I change my mind?

Due to the nature of the course, the workshop tuition is non-refundable. If you must cancel before it airs, we will credit you to a future workshop or learning product. I trust you that you will do your research before purchasing and make sure that this learning experience is the perfect fit for you. Feel free to email or call us with any questions! 401-864-1919 or

Is there a mileage restriction?


If I don't need accommodations at the retreat, is the cost the same?

Yes. Spending 3 days away from it all and devoted to photography is a gift to yourself! We encourage you to stay with everyone at the hotel, regardless of how close you live!