Hot mess to success: Productivity to get your life back

The last few weeks….errr….months….have been crazy for me and as I share our adventures on social media and all the projects I’m working on. I get the comments constantly “HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL!?”

I remember feeling the exact same way when I was just starting out in my business watching these successful business owners. I would find myself thinking “Don’t they have the same number of hours in the day that I do?? What am I doing wrong!?”

It was crazy frustrating because I felt like they had some form of super power I didn’t have coursing in my own veins.

I could never accomplish what they could.

OR could I??

The journey to where I am today hasn’t been an easy one with all the lessons I’ve had to learn in super productivity ….but I have to be honest, it was actually simple.

Simple because it was not as complicated as I expected it to be….but hard because it required me to change some habits and mindsets that were doing me more harm than good but hard to see at the time.

If you’re a momma wondering how to do it all— I’ve got some tips for you because I know exactly what it feels like to be where you are wondering how to manage business and family and keep your sanity intact. IT’S TOTALLY POSSIBLE!

Hot mess to success: Productivity to get your life back



    • Class description | You are building and running a business. You are trying to improve your skills. You’re marketing, developing products, shooting, editing, selling, packaging, shipping and emailing! You have a personal life. Perhaps you are married with kids. You need to take care of yourself. Where is the time to do it all? In this class Heidi gives her 5 best tips to being super productive so that you can have more time to allow your creativity to soar without sacrificing the most important things in your life. 


  • Bonus 25 Day productivity course | Alicia Caine, Mother of 7 and Chief Operations Officer here at Photographer Rising created this 25 day time management course to help you get your life back one day at a time implementing simple, 15 minute easily implementable habits in your day to day routine. 


  • This 30 minute video class has been pre-recorded on Facebook Live and is available to watch now. By purchasing this download, you will have lifetime access to it in your online account created at time of checkout. Included with the masterclass video is the bonus Productivity Course PDF. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE NOW.  $24.95