It always seems impossible…

it always seems impossible until it's done


I’ve been working on a special project for you.  It is 5 years in the making.  There were times that I was so busy with the studio, I never thought it would get done.  It seemed impossible.  Sometimes something tugs at you long enough that you can’t ignore it.  I worked on it late at night or in the early mooring hours before the kids woke up.

I’m pinching myself that I’m in the final phase of developing it.  I’ve been hearing all of your requests, reading your emails, connecting with you every week on FAQ Friday.  I know that I can help you reach what seems impossible today.

So now I need your help.

If I could spend one week with you, teaching you everything I know, what would be the two biggest questions you would want answered?  What are the two biggest struggles you face as a photographer or business owner or creative?  What is a problem you feel is impossible to solve?

I don’t just want this to be a great opportunity for you, I want it to be LIFE CHANGING.  So please, share with me your top two questions in the comment section below and help me make this amazing!  Thank you so much for helping me out!

Your friend,



p.s. visit the Online Workshop Website: http://PhotographerRising.com


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21 Responses

  1. When you was working alone how did you keep on top of your admin, email answering & all other office type work when you hit your busy seasons?

    I like to know all my editing is done by me but when I hit a busy period (like now) I end up so behind & feel like I’m stuck in a rut – what would you tolell your clients in times like these?

    I would also love for you to come stay with me for a week so I could learn from you, I’m in the UK let me know when you fancy a visit 😉 lol!x

    1. Heidi Hope

      Omg Ashleigh, I would LOVE to come visit you! Can you believe I’ve never been to Europe? And I was an Art Major! I will make it there one day… and I will call you for sure!

  2. Heidi,
    I feel the two biggest issues I have are setting myself apart and showing worth. I’ve recently moved and a good portion of potential clients have either said you are way too expensive or they don’t see the point in spending $xxx because of the locals only charging between $150-$300. I would love to see your creative mind tackle this one!


  3. Wow, great questions, but tough to nail down what the two biggest would … hmmmm … I think for me #1 for me right now is how to start the process of going from being a primarily natural light shooter on location, to setting up a studio as well — gear, space, lighting, props (natural vs. off camera). The absolute ABCs of getting all of that in order and looking amazing. That is a big dream of mine down the road! #2 would be how to market to and book clients that really value the art of photography for their family, not just people that want a quick, cheap holiday card photo and a CD of images. I’m currently mid-range in pricing and kind of stuck there — I’m not the cheapest by any means, but I’m afraid if I continue to increase my pricing as my business develops I’ll lose my client base. So, I guess, #2 is more like how to grow your photography business, from a financial standpoint, over time. Thanks so much! Hope that helps 🙂

    1. Heidi Hope

      Christine, awesome questions! I never even thought of the 1st one so I’m so glad you asked it. I wish I had some kind of a checklist when opening my studio! Love it! Thank you!

  4. Good Morning, Yes, setting up studio organization! I’m a super small home based studio and I focus mainly on Newborns and Maternity. So finding the right clients, marketing in the right areas and having a workflow to keep everything moving along smoothly. Also, my huge question is Digital Files. Everyone wants them and the focus on getting them is so strong I think we are loosing our ability to display printed art. I know several of my clients use their CD Digital Files for a birthday or announcement then may not print from them after that… how do we show the value in holding art in your hands and not on a cd…? Thanks a bunch!! Love your posts!

  5. Kathy Hayes

    One question for me is the same as some if the others, setting up a studio space and all the things that entails. My other question deals with marketing and partnering with other local area businesses. Basically, how to approach them from the standpoint of a new business just starting out. How to approach them, what to offer them, etc. I read all the time that partnering with the local businesses to help get your name out into the community is essential, but I don’t quite know how to go about doing it. Thanks for all the time you put in to helping others. You are such an inspiration to all of us!

  6. Jessica Pohl

    Hi Heidi! Great blog topic! When transitioning from a demanding, full time job not related to photography to beginning a photography business does it make sense to take another, less demanding job in the interim allowing you to still have a consistent income while growing a new business, or would you recommend throwing yourself into building your own business entirely? What kind of client base is best before making the full transition?

  7. Amy Parsons

    My 2 issues are similar to some of those listed above:
    1) how do I charge what my time and effort is worth when everyone else is charging SO much less?! People don’t always value quality.. They just want a good price
    2) time management is a real struggle. Working from home with the business often leaves me feeling overwhelmed as there’s always something I can be working on.

    1. Heidi Hope

      These are such big struggles for all of us Amy!! Thank you for sharing them with me! I think I have some good answers to help you out!

  8. I’m one of those digital file photographers but also offer prints as an added service. I’m just starting out but have had ZERO print orders so far. How can I transition clients that are accustomed to receiving digital files to buying prints? So many of them want the files and then go to Walgreens to print their pics – eek!!! And what pricing structure do you use for prints (markup/packages/etc)?

  9. Hi Heidi! I love your work and vision! I feel most intimidated by the initial investment. How did your family make it possible for you to take the leap into developing and owning a studio so quickly, and what kind of childcare do you have? How much start-up capital did you have? I know it’s not polite to talk about money, but you said anything!

    1. Heidi Hope

      This is a great question Lucy and I actually LOVE talking about money. Let’s face it, we’re all showing up to work for a paycheck, we’re just lucky that we can make a paycheck doing what we love! I will definitely tackle this question for you!

      1. Lucy Forsten

        Heidi! Thank you so much for your very thoughtful and very real response! That was a really useful FAQ Friday, and everyone getting started should watch. You’re certainly an inspiration. Thank you!

        1. Heidi Hope

          Thank you so much for the awesome question Lucy! I’m inspired by all of you and it reminded me how our own beliefs are often the first thing we need to pay attention to! More on that this week!

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