If you want to make your dreams come true

Motivation Monday. Get out of bed!

Happy Monday friends!

It’s time for our weekly dose of inspiration.  This Monday morning I am in need of a swift kick in the butt myself.  You see, I spent the last few weeks enjoying some extra down time, sleeping a little later, and skipping the gym… all under the guise of self-care.  I had to recover from all the craziness that April brought my way.  I needed down time.  Unfortunately my “self care” has turned into a whole lot of “bad habits.”  Sound familiar?

The old “Motivated Heidi” didn’t even need an alarm clock.  I’m a morning person.  It’s my most creative time of day.  My best ideas come to me while the rest of the world sleeps.

So what about “Unmotivated Heidi”?  Well, she hides under the sheets until her kids wake up.  Then she over-caffeinates, skips the gym and orders pizza for dinner, all while the to-do list grows to epic proportions.  We all go through periods like this.  The questions is, how do we dig ourselves out?

The first step in getting my groove back is getting back into my old routine.  From here on out I’m setting my alarm clock for those early morning hours that I used to love.  And I’ll keep waking up begrudgingly until “Motivated Heidi” decides to meet me there.  I make my coffee.  I meditate.  I write.  I take a long hot shower.  All before my kids get up and take all of my attention.  Then, I start my day with a happy heart.

What routines and habits help you be the best version of yourself?  When is your creative time?  Are you up with me at 4am?  Do you think I’m crazy?  I want to hear from you!

If you want to make your dreams come true

Your friend,


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  1. I am a morning person too and get so much done when I get up early! It’s quiet, the kids are sleeping and ahhh…my first cup of coffee! I always feel so much more productive when I get up at 5am and get my day going before anyone else in our house does, but there are days when the music keeps playing on the alarm clock and I will say one more song and I am going to get up. And then there is my sweet dog nestled on one side of me and my cozy husband all snuggled up next to me on the other side that makes it hard to get up…. I wish I had a magic formula to get up early every day, as I am way more productive and feel better too!! 🙂 Let me know if you find one!!

  2. I had a crazy April too with work (at my regular job) and vacations (which are always great). So I have been super slow to get back into the swing of things. Right now I still feel life is out of control. Never enough time to do everything I know I need to do. I am so grateful that I have wonderful house keepers who come every other week or the bathrooms would never get cleaned! YUCK! But everything is so unorganized. Right now I am reading The War of Art and I see so many things in the book that scream my name. The first thing that I know I must do is to put a PLAN together. Of course I really need to get more motivated to do that! LOL

    1. Heidi Hope

      Oh my gosh Angela! I just started reading The War of Art yesterday. I am so much the same. I think all creatives share a bit of that resistance! lol Glad to know I’m not alone!

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