Motivation Monday. My homeboy Pablo.

Happy Monday!

A huge Happy Father’s Day to everyone!  After a beautiful weekend with family and friends I’m gearing up for our June Workshop this week.  Of course, learning is on my mind.  Before I began Heidi Hope Photography, I was an Art and Photography teacher, so the power of learning has always been close to my heart.  Back then, Pablo Picasso was my homeboy.  He’s deep.

pablopicasso quote

People often ask me where I find my inspiration.  I think it just comes to me because I’m always trying new things.  I’m constantly jumping off of that proverbial cliff.  Inspiration finds me on the way down.

Looking for a little inspiration?  Try something new this week!  A new lens, a new action, a new location, a new book.  Don’t worry about the outcome.  Trust that inspiration will find you on the way down.

Your friend,


Did you miss the LIVE FAQ Friday party last week?  We’ve blogged it so you can catch it now.  We had some juicy questions to dig into including Marketing, Baby Plans, and sneaky clients!  If you missed the chance to enter our giveaway, you can still get your hands on our Creative Business Plan for Photographers.  We love the response we’ve been getting so far!