Motivation Monday. Sometimes we just need a Dora Band Aid.


if you don't fall small

Grace just turned 2. She is starting to chase after the big kids and learning to master the stairs. I watched her fall down over and over this weekend, skinning her tiny knees. Each time she would reassure me, “I’m okay Mommy!” “I’m all better!” Then she would get back up and keep running with her giggles trailing off behind her. Once in a while, when she was really hurt, she would call for me.

Sometimes we just need a kiss and a Dora Band Aid to feel better.

Watching her was bittersweet, and I got to thinking, isn’t our whole life just a series of falling down? Falling down after our first steps. Falling off of our bike. Falling in love. Falling back into a bad habit. Having an idea fall flat. You have to let go and run into uncertainty before you fall. You have to be trying to climb somewhere new.

Success isn’t learning to balance perfectly. It isn’t figuring out how to not fall. The falling is inevitable. Success is the willingness to pick ourselves up and keep going. Maybe put a Dora Band Aid on it!

You can spend your life sitting safely on the ground, but you would miss out on so much of what makes life great. Like running in the wind and climbing to new heights. And Dora Band Aids.

So happy Monday Friends. I hope you fall down in the greatest way this week… because it means you’re headed somewhere!

Your friend,


Are you trying something new and afraid of falling? Are you already brushing yourself off from a fall? I want to hear about it in the comment section below!

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