My blood was boiling, so I did this!



You all know that I’m a glass is half full type of gal.

But sometimes in business, we just have a crappy day.

No matter how positive we are, bad things can happen.  Unfair and unexpected things can happen.  We feel attacked or ripped off or unjustly treated.  We feel like nothing can go right.  Or maybe we just reach our breaking point.

Choosing to focus on the positive doesn’t mean that the crap in life stops flying at your face.  Whether it is a demanding client or dirty competition, our patience can be tested.

Just because we are supposed to love what we do as artists and entrepreneurs, doesn’t mean that we are immune to every day business challenges.  I love photography, but I’m not pooping rainbows if ya’ know what I mean!

Sometimes, despite my best intentions, I leave work and my blood is boiling.

My pregnancy hormones aren’t making it any easier!

Just recently I found myself stewing over a situation.  No matter how I try, certain things get under my skin when it comes to business.  I’m protective over our livelihood and attached to how hard we’ve worked to build what we have.

Many people comment on how I remain positive.  I want you to know that I’m human too and remaining positive is a consistent and conscious effort.

When I’m really losing my sleep over a situation, I ask myself this question:

“Who is offended here?”

Is it my ego?  Or is it who I really am?

Usually it is my ego.

Because that part of me which worked so hard to make it where I am… nothing can affect that.  It is authentic.  It is original.  It cannot be stolen or reproduced.  It is limitless.  It is who I truly am.

And when I am responding out of my ego, I cannot respond out of that space of creativity.  I can’t be who I truly am.  I let the actions of others limit me.  I limit myself.

We can’t operate out of both mindsets at the same time.  We must choose our response from one space or the other and oftentimes our reaction will determine the course of things to come.

Yes, business challenges will always come and go. Things that we judge unfair, unlawful, or unethical will come and go. Pregnancy hormones will come and go (thank God)!
Choosing to be positive in a negative situation isn’t naive.  In fact, when we make our choice, we look at negative situations square in the face.  And then we choose otherwise… even if it takes a little extra time (or a big bowl of Ben and Jerry’s) to get there.


The next time your blood is boiling, try asking yourself the same question.  “Who is offended here?”  “Who is hurt?”  “Does this in any way, affect who I truly am?”

See if the answer can create some space between your problem and your reaction.



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