Smart business to business marketing and a sneak peek of our online workshop in this week’s FAQ Friday.

Happy Friday Friends!

This week I felt stumped as to what I should dish on next.  I threw the opportunity out to my Facebook friends to ask some questions and, as usual, you didn’t let me down!  One hot topic was how to create smart business-to-business marketing relationships.  You’ve been banging down the door about this online workshop so I’m also spilling more details so you can start planning for the big release.  Watch this week’s FAQ Friday to be the first to know what is in store, then head on over to the Photographer Rising Website and get more of the juicy details.

In the next two weeks we’re talking about how to make any natural light beautiful AND our amazing guide to mini sessions that thrill clients and won’t cheapen your brand.  Plus a chance to win a scholarship to the Photographer Rising Online workshop!  It’s getting exciting folks!

Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comment section of the blog.  Your comments make me do a happy dance.  You should have seen me last week, I was happy dancin’ all over the studio!  Thank you to everyone who wrote!





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  1. I have a Friday FAQ question but didn’t see online where to submit these questions. I hope this works! I wanted to know what software you use for viewing. I don’t have a studio but am considering doing in person viewings anyway – I use RAW, Bridge and Photoshop for my editing work – do you use Raw or Bridge for viewing or do you use an additional software? Additionally, I don’t have a budget at the moment for training but am very eager to take your workshops online. What is the cost so I may try to budget/gain new photo shoots to support the cost?

    1. Heidi Hope

      Hi Jen! Thank you for the great questions! I think you found your answer but feel free to follow up with any questions. And we use Proselect for our in-person ordering appointments! 🙂

  2. Katie

    Thank you so much for keeping FAQ Friday during the busiest time of the year! I hope at the end of the day you know you really are inspiring and helping other photographers on the other side of the country!
    For some time I have been saving pennies (literally) to try and attend a 2015 workshop in person. But now with the release of the online workshop I have an endless debate in my head which I should be doing. So here are my 2 FAQ Friday questions for you!

    1) For those debating between an in person workshop in 2015 and the online workshop. What do you and your team are the pro’s and con’s to each? (It always helps to have more objectionable opinions!)

    2) Last week you mentioned you love the Evernote app. What other Apps do you and your team all love to help your business running smoothly?

    Thank so much!

    1. Heidi Hope

      Hi Katie! I would love to have you at any of our workshops! I just read this comment and I think I already (inadvertently) answered your question in this week’s FAQ Friday! Keep an eye on your inbox for this week’s episode! AND, I will be getting to your other question soon as well. Thanks so much!

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