I'm Heidi Hope!

I’m a fun-loving mom of 2 mermaid princesses with another baby on the way.  I started Heidi Hope Photography in 2009 with nothing but my laptop and my world has been crazy ever since!  Today, I’m living the life of my dreams, running a full time portrait studio, teaching around the globe and inspiring others to live their best life.  Here’s where I share my world as a teacher, creative, entrepreneur and lover of life Check out the 9-5 over on www.HeidiHope.com. 

Heidi's Day Job

Heidi Hope Photography is located in Cranston RI, USA.  Since starting in 2009, HHP has grown to be one of the leading boutique portrait studios in the country.  HHP is now a team of photographers and artists who are internationally sought after for their innovative style of studio photography.  Owned by husband and wife team, Shaun and Heidi Guerard, the HHP studio has seen tremendous growth, boasting 6 figure monthly portrait sales and attracting clientele from around the world with their unique blend of business and artistry.

Heidi's Creds

Heidi Guerard has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education, is a Certified Secondary Art Teacher and had 5 years of high school art and photography instruction under her belt before becoming a professional photographer.  Heidi has become well known not just for the accomplishments of the Heidi Hope Photography studio, but also for her ability to effectively communicate her successful strategies with others, inspiring change in the industry and helping dedicated photographers build the business of their dreams.  In recent years, Heidi has followed her passion for connecting with other photographers and met rave reviews by hosting in-person workshops out of her studio, building a website of free learning resources, broadcasting a weekly FAQ Friday and traveling to speak.

Heidi's Passion

Heidi believes that helping others and making a lasting difference is more meaningful than any photo she could take.  She stresses the importance of a sound business foundation as the basis for a sustainable photography career in today’s competitive market.  By aligning your inner purpose and unique creative voice with your business plan, Heidi helps entrepreneurs manage limited resources, restore balance, and find success and happiness in a career they love.

My Philosophy

We are all born with a creative spirit.  Just as we are born with bones and blood, thoughts and emotions.
We find it when we become truly lost in our work.  A great athlete may find it on the basketball court or the football field.  A housekeeper may find it sweeping floors.  A Doctor may find it in the midst of surgery.  A mother may find it in the throes of labor.
You may find it out on a run, or walking your dog, or through your photography.
Just as no two people are exactly the same, no two creative voices are the same and if you do not bring yours into the world, it will remain unheard. 
One thing is for certain:  We were all born to create.
When we access our creative spirit the world around us melts away.  We become enthralled, mezmorised with doing exactly what we were born to do. 
We forget outcomes. 
We forget outsiders. 
We just fall completely in love with the moment we are in.
We are doing what we were born to do.
I teach to help others discover their own creative voice and bring it more fully into every aspect of their lives.  It is not something that a talented few possess.  It is something that we share as human beings.  Those that are in touch with it often shine a little brighter, appear a little happier, step a little more lightly on this earth.
Children follow this spirit unabashedly.  We see it in the way their joy shines through any circumstances.  A smile is a smile, no matter what corner of the earth you find it in.
But as we grow, we often forget. 
We forget where to look and how to listen. 
The outside world gets so loud that our inner voice is quieted.
It becomes dim.
This great spirit within us is pointed to by every religion on earth.  It is the one significant way in which we are all the same.
13 years ago my senior thesis paper in college began this way:
“Art is a thread that unifies humanity”
I realize now that at the time, I had only just begun understanding what that meant.  I was not yet an artist.  I didn’t know how to quiet the outside world.  I looked around me, not within me.  I was too afraid to stop and listen.
But I have found that voice.
I believe that when we work from the space of our own inner creativity, our true worth is recognized.  Our lives become impassioned.  Our work becomes significant.  Our world becomes more beautiful.
True creativity comes from an inner space of authenticity.  It is limitless just as we are.  When you find it, there is nothing you cannot do.
When we work from that space we begin to see others as who they really are.  We can look at our friends, our clients, our competition, even those that have hurt or betrayed us and see in them a reflection of our own selves.  
That thread begins to tie us all together.
I realize now that a great teacher does not teach painting techniques, or sentence structure, or f-stop numbers.  A great teacher teaches that thread.
And as it weaves us together, our world becomes more beautiful.
What were you born to do?
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