Registration is OPEN for 2016 Workshops for Photographers.

Registration is now OPEN for all 2016 Workshops!

“It is easy to give a review right when the workshop ends, everyone is fired up and excited to implement everything they’ve learned but here I am almost a year later with my post workshop review. I cannot say enough about Heidi and her Photographer Rising workshop! In the past 10 months I have used her tools guidance and advice to transform my business. My sales are up, (way up), I am confident in my pricing, and my clients are happier! Although I am not yet where I want to be, I am building my foundation. I have taken a few online workshops or quick courses and those “informative” emails are still sitting in my inbox. The way Heidi’s workshop its set up, its like you are sitting face to face! Her real time Q&A was awesome. I think what I liked most about her workshop was the total transparency of her business. At times I thought, “why would she tell us that!?” There are no secrets with Heidi other than how her hair is so amazing, which she did tell us, she does nothing special to. This is what I’m talking about, you can ask questions about her hair and she takes the time to answer! On a serious note, what I did like the most was that she gave you her numbers, REAL numbers. I found it so exciting to see what the potential of a photography business can be. It was very inspiring! The entire workshop was amazing from start to finish although to say that it finished wouldn’t be right. Heidi and her staff have been available for the past 10 months. Any time a question is asked, its answered -if not by Heidi, by one of my fellow students. I cannot put a value on the Facebook group and the camaraderie that we share. If you are serious about your business than this is the workshop for you. I have a new mantra, it may be weird, but so may times while working, I think WWHD? “What would Heidi Do?” Dead serious, but it takes me back to Photographer Rising and all that she taught me both in the business and creative realms. Thank You!!”  ~  Erica 2015 Online Workshop Attendee


heidi hope photography workshops for photographers

Our studio is the heart of our successful business at Heidi Hope Photography.  With our 2016 schedule already filling, we are only planning on offering 3 of these well-reviewed workshops next year (in March, April and June).  This workshop is a unique combination of business lessons and live photography sessions to build your portfolio.  Travel to our studio, meet the Heidi Hope Photography team and learn the strategies for success that have helped Heidi Hope Photography grow to be one of the most profitable portrait studios in the country.  All while living a balanced life!  We cover our photography techniques in natural light, marketing, in-person sales, pricing, client relationships and so much more!

The Boutique Baby Studio Workshops will be limited to 12 photographers in 2016 so you have plenty of time for individualized instruction with Heidi and our team.

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photographer rising online workshop for photographers

The Online Workshop is a 1 Week LIVE Online Business Workshop running in January 2016.  It will not run again until 2017.  The online workshop teaches the foundation of the HHP business model and covers creating a business plan, developing sustainable pricing, marketing to find paying clients, establishing a strong brand to eliminate competition, and how to increase sales.  There is daily Q&A with individualized instruction and problem solving for your unique business situation, recorded photo sessions, and over 80 pages of worksheets designed to create unique solutions for your specific business needs.  Everything is recorded and available for 30 days after the workshop ends.  This is not another online learning product to download and forget about.  I’m a certified secondary fine arts and photography instructor and I developed this course and it’s curriculum to help produce real results in your business.  I’m there live, every day to answer your questions about the material and help you put it all into action.

Also, when you sign up for the Online Workshop, you become a lifetime member and can re-attend the live workshop with me every time it airs!

Grow our big family of happy (and successful) alumni!

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Where is your Studio?

Our studio is located at 2206 Broad St in Cranston, RI in Historic Pawtuxet Village.  The Village is a small bayside town with a few restaurants.  We are conveniently located 5 miles North East of TF Green Airport (PVD)!

Where should we stay for the In-Person Workshop?

We recommend either the Nylo Hotel in Warwick RI (website) or the Hampton Inn in Warwick RI (website).  Both hotels will shuttle you to and from the airport and you can usually arrange shuttles to and from our studio (please inquire with them before booking as we cannot guarantee this hotel service will be available).  The Hampton Inn is closer.  The Nylo is a bit more fun and right by Warwick Mall shopping and restaurants.  We are also 15 minutes south of Providence, RI if you want to stay in the city and UBER it over to us!  Also close by:  Newport RI (40 minutes), Boston MA (about an hour), Cape Cod MA (about 90 minutes), and New York City (about 3 hours).

Can beginners attend?

We recommend that you know your camera well and can operate it in comfortably in Manual Mode to get the most out of our workshops.  You do not have to be in business, nor do you need a particular business model to enjoy and benefit from the workshop… but we do talk a lot of business!

Do I need to sell with IPS (In-Person Sales) to benefit?

Nope!  Our Online Workshop does cover our IPS model in depth, but it isn’t necessary to have that business model to benefit from the information!

How many attendees will there be In-Person?

Not more than 12.

What equipment will we need?

Your camera, a 50mm lens (or 24-70mm), and memory cards are a must!

Optional:  Your laptop, other lenses (we use 35mm, 5omm, 105 macro, and occasionally 85mm and 70-200mm in studio), backup battery and charger, camera bag

How much Newborn Posing will we learn?

In Person: We spend about 3 hours of the total workshop time going over newborn posing.  I show my basic flow on the beanbag and a few of my most popular prop setups.  I try to make it as much like a normal session as possible so you have an idea of how a session at our studio really goes!  We then move on from newborns and talk about everything else our full-service studio does.  With each topic and demonstration, I’m showing you exactly what works and what sells at our studio!

Online: There are 2 recorded newborn sessions including sibling and parent posing.

Will you demonstrate editing?

In Person:  Yes, in 2016 my basic editing flow will be covered!  We spend about 2 hours on editing.  The focus is on reducing your editing time and becoming more efficient!

Online: A full day is devoted to editing and I typically have time to edit a few student photos as well!






Have you heard the gossip?

Here’s what past attendees are saying:

The Online Workshop


“Thank you for such an amazing, inspiring workshop opportunity! I’ve taken quite a few workshops and although they were very helpful and resourceful, yours is the top contender! I loved how it was live and we were able to interact with you as if we were in the same room in person. You opened up everything you knew about being a business owner and photographer and not many people are willing to do that and I want to thank you. I cannot wait to see what 2015 has to bring for my business. I’ve been telling everyone about the workshop and will continue to do so. So many positives that came from this workshop and it has really inspired me to work harder, be more organized, know that things take time and that every photographer has had their struggles but have worked hard to be where they are today! From the worksheets to the videos on how you conduct your session were so helpful to visually get to see how things are done and hear how you interact with clients instead of having to read how it’s done and try to paint a picture of it! Another positive was meeting new people from around the world. I love how we have been helping each other, supporting each others’ photography pages from Facebook to Instagram to Pinterest, etc. I can’t thank you enough and I look forward to attending more workshops!!!”~ Michelle Pacheco Photography


“After being in the photography business for over 15 years, Heidi and Shaun are the most genuine people I have ever met in this industry. They are an open book and beyond willing to help others. It was such a pleasant surprise to finally take a workshop that the teachers are real, honest, and even willing to share their actual numbers with you. NO ONE does that. No one. They literally will give you the steps to take to create a profitable and enjoyable photography business. I was a little nervous about 5 days online. I wanted to be sure I stayed focused. Clearly that wasn’t a problem. Heidi nailed it and had us all on the edge of our seats the entire time.”

~ Jenni Maroney Portrait Boutique


The In-Person Workshop
“Heidi’s workshop was hands-down the BEST workshop I’ve ever attended. Heidi and Shaun have an answer for every business question/situation/problem you’ve ever had and are so business savvy, have a great handle on marketing, client relations, not to mention the actual photography. She just “gets” how to work with people, clients and photographers alike, and has that rare knack of being able to zero in on the trouble areas and come up with a solution.  I’m thankful that Heidi kicked my butt into shape because I actually TOPPED my best month from last year and have raised my monthly average by nearly a $1000/month. And it was the perfect timing, too, because unfortunately my husband was laid off last month, but my income is meeting all our needs, and then some. It’s crazy to think that I went from being excited about someone paying a whole hundred dollars for a CD of images to something of this magnitude, providing for our family and paying an entire mortgage. That’s just self-inspiring, if I can even put it like that.  If I could recommend only one workshop, online or in-person to attend, it would be Heidi’s.” ~ Megan, 2014 Workshop Attendee


“From the moment you walk into the front doors of Heidi Hope’s studio you know you’re going to have an amazing experience!  Heidi and her team have prepared the most inviting atmosphere – from the cupcakes to the little gift bags, little notebooks for each attendee with matching pencils – her attention to detail and organization are incredible!  But the best part of Heidi’s workshop is the  warmth, enthusiasm and willingness to share every aspect of her business.  Heidi’s business partner and husband is ready to teach you everything you need and want to know about the business side of running your business, while Heidi focuses on teaching you everything you want from the photography aspect.  She is so creative and genuine — we had such a great time getting equal shooting time with sets that were prepared and thought out in advance.   Her team is just as willing to answer any questions you might have along the way — from photoshop to the details of shooting.   I’m not sure there wasn’t a topic that wasn’t covered –  and because of their willingness to share, you really felt you could ask anything you wanted to know about running your business, or shooting, and someone on the team would have an answer for you.  This workshop was truly one of the best I’ve been to!  It was absolutely evident that Heidi has a love for teaching and photography!  This is a must-have workshop experience!” ~Sheri, October 2013 Workshop Attendee


“I cannot say enough good things about the Heidi Hope Workshop.  It was the first full workshop I have taken and I have since held every workshop up to it in comparison – and none of them have topped – or even come close to – my experience at Heidi’s.  What caused the HH workshop to stand so high above the others was a combination of the breadth of material covered (posing, shooting, creative but also marketing, business, and pricing), the organizational and planning that went into it to create the best experience for the participants, the friendliness of the team, and the information communicated to the participants both leading up to the workshop and all throughout the workshop.  Everyone was an open book, very welcoming, incredibly knowledgeable and more than happy to share whatever they could with us.  It was hands down the best workshop I’ve ever taken which I have continued to tell attendees at every other workshop I’ve been to!  The others have been very good, with some of the other top photographers in the industry, but your workshop was truly amazing.  It has been four months since I attended and I still think about it, and the things I learned in it, on a daily basis.  I left more inspired that I thought I could ever possibly be.  Seriously changed my life.  Thank you!!!”  October 2013 Workshop Attendee


As always, we’re a REAL business that is really open every day!  Call or email us any time with your questions.  We always get back to you within a business day (M-F 9am-5pm EST).

401-864-1919 or info@heidihope.com.