Client Session In-Home & How to Make Them Work

 In 2009 I started my business and I was lugging piles of gear and washing piles of laundry back and forth. It was exhausting and time consuming!

Today I have my dream studio and I remember vividly the frustrations of client sessions in home before I had my studio space.

Even though in-home sessions are a lot of work compared to the convenience of my studio- I still offer them to my clients. Now I handle them very differently than I did when I was just starting out so that they still remain profitable and worth my time being taken from work in my studio. 

In-home sessions have just as many pros and cons as there are pros and cons to owning a studio and you don’t need to be in despair about thinking you can’t offer a boutique experience to your clients even though you’re doing in-home sessions.

You CAN be profitable and give a luxury experience to these in-home session clients and in my FAQ Friday Video from yesterday’s Facebook Live (posted below), I’m sharing exactly how you can do just that as well as answer your questions about handling in-home client sessions.

This is a shot from one of my sessions just starting out……look familiar to something you’ve done??

FAQ Friday: Traveling to In-Home Client Sessions 

  • Can photographers who offer in-home sessions charge just as much if not more than studio owners? 
  • How do I prepare for a some-day studio beyond just saving up money? 
  • How do I deal with natural light situations in my client’s home? Do I ask the clients to see the house first or do I go to look at the house? 
  • How do you make it a boutique experience going into a home instead of having a studio? 


Products Mentioned in Video: 

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