FAQ Friday with HHP. How it all works.

You may have noticed, things have gotten pretty fun around here on Fridays.  We started our FAQ Fridays a few years back, but somehow we always dropped the ball when things got busy.  You know how it is!  So we decided if we made it super fun for ourselves, we would look forward to it and keep it up.  And hopefully our friends would start looking forward to it too!

It started with this FAQ Friday video:



It has since turned into a weekly party… arguably the best part of our job!  We don’t want you to miss out, so we’re dishing all the info here.  How does it work, and how can you be a part?

How It Works


Every Thursday you will see a call for questions.  This will be either an entertaining photo, or a video, depending on the time we have at the studio that week.  It will be posted ON FACEBOOK, ON GOOGLE+, and ON YOUTUBE (if video).  Underneath the photo or video on any of those platforms you can write your questions.  Also, check out the questions of others and “like” or “+1” those that you would like to see answered.  We often pick the most popular questions when there are too many.

Every Friday at 1pm we will answer your questions in a LIVE Google+ hangout that will also stream on our YouTube channel.  We will go live at 2pm EST each Friday, and we’ll also take live Q&A during the show!


You can ask us anything!  Examples: shooting, equipment, business, editing, studio set up, family, balance, why we have so much fun, where we get our sombreros.

You can ask us more than once!  If your question doesn’t get answered one week, please keep resubmitting.  We promise we will get to it, but we won’t be going back through old posts!

We can’t wait to party with you!