The dirty word you need MORE of in your business! FAQ Friday

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So, this Friday I’m delivering FAQ Friday to inboxes everywhere and we are delving into some pretty juicy topics.  I’m standing in front of a sparkly backdrop and tackling your toughest questions.  I’m airing out all of my dirty laundry, telling you exactly how I got started AND sharing my annual sales numbers with you.  Yup, we’re talking about money and there ain’t no shame in that!

If you thought money was a dirty word, then you need to see this week’s episode:


Don’t be shy and let me know what you think in the comment section below.  I want to hear your greatest takeaway.  Oh, and if you have any questions to inspire me for next week’s episode, be sure to fork em’ over!  They’re delicious!



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  1. I am so totally amazed at how authentic and honest and open you were on this video! Sharing everything, including the scary parts of business is so brave and something I can relate to. Thank you for sharing yourself and your business!! You continuously inspire me as always!

    1. Heidi Hope

      Thank you so much Jen!! I love sharing because ultimately, I think our journeys are all so similar and we can learn so much from each other. Thanks for watching and leaving the love!! xo

  2. This is just what I needed to hear. Money and boundaries- the two things that freak me out. I have no problem being the confident parent and setting boundaries with my kids, but with my business…I think I fear the customer too much- the fear of rejection, disappointing them, the competition, etc. My ah-ha moment was that that is all self-inflicted and definitely holding me back from my success more than the reality is.

  3. Jessica Pohl

    Thank you – that was a great insight into your path! I’m looking forward to the upcoming weeks as well! While I’m trying to figure out whether to leap or safety net right now – I think some of the upcoming topics will be great at shedding more light – especially moving out of the portfolio stage. Finding your work, and resources has been a great motivator in keeping me on course with photography!

  4. Heidi, As always, I LOVE this video! I feel like a sponge, and can’t soak up enough of what you share, teach and your inspiration! How can I find out more about these online workshop scholarships?!?! Keep up your awesome ~ Emily

    1. Heidi Hope

      Hi Emily! I’m so glad you are here learning with us. I’ll be announcing the scholarship the week before registration begins (October 31st). Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, that’s where the good stuff will happen!

  5. Natasha

    My jaw dropped when you mentioned my name, Heidi! LOL I thought, “Oh my goodness…that’s me she’s talking to! This is so cool. “ Thank you so much for your honesty and advice on here. I have so much respect for the hard work you and your husband have poured into this business.

    Since before I learned about HHP and FAQ Friday, I had been searching for something just like this. A place where I can learn how to plan for my photography business with genuine and authentic pros like you. Talk about “seek and you will find.” I found you on Pinterest and went to Heidi Hope Heaven! I’m so excited for the next few weeks.

  6. Deb

    Heidi, thanks for sharing your insight into the photography world. The city I live in, along with 2 more cities very near to me, has a total est. population of around 37,000. That number pretty much sums up the annual average income. And that number also sums up the number of photographers in the area. LOL Of course, I jest, but it sure seems like there that many photographers in this area. I just launched my “business” this past summer. I priced for my area at around $100 a shoot – digital images only. I’ve had 3 paid sessions. When I was portfolio building, and offered a free Easter shoot, (using your ribbon background idea <3 ) I saw 17 children pass through my house for pictures I've rec'd inquiries about my cost, and once I tell them, I never hear from them again. I really want my business to take off – I've put my heart and soul into learning my camera and editing – and have been told my photos are good — but I'm convinced that people (in the area) want cheap snap shots vs. art. I'm all for giving a great photo for a reasonable price in my area – and would donate shoots for someone in need – but getting the others to see the worth of good photography is nearly impossible. There are a few successful photographers in the area – and I want to be one of them!!! 🙂 Advice?

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  8. Annie Smack

    Thank you so much for sharing all your juicy information!! I look forward to FAQF every week!
    I used to be the type that would think that way about money- until I realized HEY! This is my time and taking away from my family and that is worth a lot to me- I needed to make it worth it and most importantly, make it worth being away from my girls and Husband! Which is also how I came to the conclusion to stop doing sessions on the weekends unless it’s worth my time aka higher session fees.
    I’m behind on commenting since I watched this when it came in my email 😉 but I figured you’d still appreciate reading it!
    Thank you so much Heidi!! Really looking forward to hearing more about your extremely awesome online workshop!!!
    Any chance you will talk about natural backlighting indoors in the upcoming videos? Yours always look so dreamy and gorgeous!!

    1. Heidi Hope

      So true Annie! I had the same “aha” moment in my business. I so appreciate you taking the time to leave some love on the blog!! Can’t wait to share more in the weeks to come 🙂

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