This post is going to blow your mind.



I’m so bad at holding on to secrets. Seriously, don’t ever tell me one. They are pure torture.

People often describe me as an open-book. I’m pretty sure I just have verbal diarrhea.

At Christmas, I’m the girl that wants to give everyone their gifts early. Why do we have to wait so long?!


So when I have something to tell you all…

something that I’ve been holding on to for weeks…

something that I technically should still keep to myself a little longer…

When something like that happens, well, forgive me, but I just can’t hold out forever!

So, here goes:

It’s still early.

And we’re still soaking in the news.

And anything could happen at this point.

But right now, I’m eating for two!


Yup, Shaun and I are unexpectedly expecting baby #3. We found out just after our trip to Nashville.  I’m about 10 weeks this week (we’re not exactly sure).  We got to see the little bean squirming around on an ultrasound last week!

Watching our little chicken nugget paddle around in my tummy made it super-real. Well, that and the sad fact that none of my pants fit. And my skin looks like I’m a 9th grader who rubbed my face around in a greasy pizza.

And I’m tired. I’m so damn tired.


So while it is a bit early, we have our last Boutique Baby Workshop of the year this week and I’m pretty sure the news will go public once people start Instagramming behind-the-scenes of my undeniable growing tummy.  (If you want to pretend you’re here with us, search the hashtag #hhpworkshops!)  Somehow people always capture the most flattering angles of me teaching…. NOT!  And, fortunately for me, I start gaining my 50 pounds of pregnancy weight the second I pee on the stick.


If you have preggar (radar for pregnant people), you may have noticed something was up in this Instagram of me at just a little over 6 weeks!

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 2.15.10 PM

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What does one do when they are unexpectedly expecting while simultaneously chasing after 2 other kids, running a million dollar business, teaching workshops, traveling to speak and they don’t even own a mini van? But seriously, how the hell do people fit 3 kids in their car? I’m freaking out!

What else?

They start a whole new project!

Later this month, PhotographerRising.com is going to gobble up this learning site and become a new super-fly blog allowing me to share more personal posts, my Instagram feed, my weekly FAQ Friday, tips and tutorials, motivation Mondays… and even Chicken Nugget!

It’s for you, but it’s really for me. And it’s going to be cooler than wearing a bikini in a plow pile in Boston right now.

The new blog will be everything about my journey: a girl trying to juggle being an artist, a photographer, an entrepreneur, a teacher and a hormonal, hungry, pregnant, psycho loving mother. When you ask me about my Paleo meatball recipe or where I buy my kids clothes, I can post all of that over there too. It’s pretty much a giant party with all of the random clutter of my brain in attendance.
You want a ticket, don’t you?!

Well guess what my friend? You have a VIP invitation!

Most importantly, the new blog will allow me to use my art and writing as a beautiful non-work-related creative outlet once more… something I let go of a long time ago. On a good day, I hope I can inspire others to live their best life in the process!

Are you as excited as I am?

All I need to do now is rent an electrical sander for my face so I can get my head shots ready for the new design!


What’s Next?


You’ve been asking for it!  FAQ Friday starts up NEXT WEEK, Friday, March 20th 2015. You’ll see the call for questions on Friday morning all over social media. You should really tune in so you can see how giant my tummy has gotten and feel skinny just looking at me.

How does FAQ Friday work? Simply post your questions below the call on social media and I’ll answer them for you in our LIVE broadcast at 2pm EST on Google+ and Youtube.

Then, the new Photographer Rising site should be up and running in 2 weeks.  Come join me on my journey.

Oh, and since no pregnancy announcement post is complete without a belly photo, here I am in Jamaica 2 weeks ago, not enjoying Margaritas. Truth be told, that belly is more from the all-you-can-eat plan then our little chicken nugget, but I know you’re too kind to call me out. Thanks for that!



Did you love this post? Are you excited about the new super-fly site and chicken nugget? Do you think I’m in for it with 3 kids (cause I do)?! Please tell me it will be okay!  I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below. When you leave me some love, I do a happy dance!

I hope your week is filled with magic!



Want to learn with HHP?

Registration is filling up fast for my last 2 events of the year! Now that you know my secret, you know why we have no additional workshops going on the schedule in the foreseeable future. Head on over to Photographer Rising to learn more about the last chance to join us in 2015!

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  1. Liza

    OMG!!!! I Knew it was a baby as I was reading before you even announced it!! Congratulations!!! And yes, going from 2 to 3 just gets insane! I only have 2, however I know lots of families that have 3 one being my sister and after the 3rd came, I was like “What the heck happened, it’s CRAZY around here”.. HAHA – So happy for you guys ::)

  2. Anna Fratantuono

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I knew just from reading the title that another baby was on the way!!! I thoroughly enjoy reading your emails and seeing the beautiful photos you produce! I often find myself wishing I could afford your services so that I could have a touch of your magic in my home!!! I only have one baby and I can’t imagine going to two so I can only begin to imagine how you must feel going from 2 to 3. I am, however, confident you will handle it with grace and incredible poise because that is just who you are! Here’s to a happy and healthy pregnancy and lots of best wishes your way. Congratulations!

  3. Kerri

    I have read the beginning of many of your e-mails and thought “she’s pregnant” so to be right for a change was nice 🙂 Congratulations to you all, another sure to be over the top adorable, baby on the way! We recently found ourselves in the same boat except we skipped right over three and are heading for 3 & 4. So as crazy as you house will undoubtedly feel you can always tell yourselves “well at least is wasn’t multiples :).”

    1. Heidi Hope

      Oh my gosh Kerri, congratulations!! We totally thought this was twins too (Shaun thought twin girls) but the ultrasound confirmed only one! I laugh at how often people think I’m pregnant!

  4. Congrats Heidi! I am on the fence about number 3 my mind changes daily!! I will let you test the waters 😉 Thanks again for the amazing Photographer Rising workshop. I am still having withdrawals….. working hard to put what I learned to work. Maybe baby #3 will be a no brainier once my business is super successful! Best Wishes! -Erica

    1. Heidi Hope

      I’ll keep you posted on how it goes Erica! haha I will say this is going to be the least scary pregnancy work-wise. We’re finally in a really great place for me to be able to take care of myself and have some time off! 🙂

  5. Congratulations, Heidi! What a blessing. I enjoyed this post, it made me laugh out loud a couple times. Just like bringing home #2, it will be chaos until routine is established (In my experience, anyway). You will get there, and it will be ok until you do. I hear the more you have, the easier it is. That’s what my sister-in-law says. She has 5! Good luck! I can’t wait for updated posts and the return of FAQF!

    1. Heidi Hope

      Thank you Carolyn!! Most people with three tell me it gets easier every time… so I’m really hoping for that!! See you on FAQ Friday!

  6. Wow, what GREAT news!! The blog, the baby- ALL of it! You can DO this! Three kids was fantastic for me, and I’m sure it will be for you. The older two can play together while you take care of baby. And mini vans are cool. 🙂 Congrats and thanks for sharing!

    1. Heidi Hope

      Thank you Sally! Good to know I’ll survive! haha I am lucky the girls are a little older too. I’m sure they will be good helpers!

  7. Congratulations!! What exciting news! You got this! 3 is a blast 🙂 Take it from a mama that has 6 all around 1 year apart…lol (one set of Irish twins). I love all you do! You are such an inspiration <3

  8. Yaffa

    Oh wow! that is so exciting! 3 is definitely a challenge, but you’ll survive till you work out a routine! Trust me, I’m in middle of working out my routine after #4! It takes time, but is so worth it!

  9. You look fantastic! Congrats on #3!! I know all too well the anxiousness of expecting a surprise 3rd…we just had our 3rd little one – another girl! We are a house full of girls with a 3.5 year old, a 1.5 year old and a 9 week old…I didn’t know any other working business owner moms of three so if you need to vent or ask a question I’m here for ya! Here’s the skinny on things to expect – the exhaustion is a little more intense with the third but it’s not earth shattering, the hunger… I found it a touch more as well although I was in my 4th trimester at Christmas so maybe it was just an excuse! And for me, I’m not sure if it is for you I felt “pregnant” earlier than I did with my first and even second… my belly popped immediately and I didn’t get to wear pre-pregnancy clothes nearly as long as I did with my other two… but that was really all I found different with the third pregnancy. On the flip side there is so much to having a 3rd that is so much easier… and good God there is NOTHING like watching and experiencing a pregnancy with a child that is old enough to really get it – I so treasure and miss the times of lying down with my oldest and talking about the baby and what he/she was going to be like, if pink or purple would be her (B was convinced it was a girl) favorite color, having my daughter ask to feel “the baby” and embarrassingly lifting my shirt despite who was around to put her hands on my skin because “you cant feel her move as well through your clothes mom”. Get ready for serious water works because your girls are going to LOVE this time and when you have that baby your girls will be SO helpful… it’s kind of insane!

    Going back to work was difficult I own my own Chiropractic office and unfortunately patients were waiting for me to come back, so my maternity leave was shorter than expected but not bad! You will rock the third pregnancy and baby! I’ve learned organization – which I’m awful with – is a game changer! In fact a woman that I know who has 4 gave me the best advise which gave me hope for sanity when I was pregnant.. here it goes

    “women should have 1 child or more than two and here’s why… when you have one life is relatively easy there’s only one child to keep track of, it’s not so bad. When you have a second suddenly things become a bit chaotic, you live in sort of a perpetual frenzy because it doesn’t seem like two should be that much harder than one but for some reason it is. When you have 3 life at the beginning is insanely chaotic and then you have a melt-down… any honest mom will tell you that they do at some point, for me it was at 3 months. I felt like I was incompetent and that my kids were going to amount to nothing because I couldn’t give any of them undivided attention because every second of ever day I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off – and then I got my shit together and I realized you have to have it together or else you will implode and so you do and then life is suddenly a calm sea.”

    At first I was terrified then I came to the realization that there would be a certain amount of chaos but that if every day my kids woke up, ate three meals, laughed some, and had a few hugs and kisses then we’d be okay and you know, it totally is! Every night we make sure the house is picked up and I have what I need organized for the next day ready. I’ll be honest at dinner time I secretly cross my fingers and say a little prayer… we haven’t quite perfected it but we’re getting there! Everyone is in bed at the same time we always were which I think totally helps! We found our flow at about 5 weeks and you’ll find yours! Life is amazingly good, I was petrified when I saw those two scary little lines pop up before my eyes but I wouldn’t change a thing!

    All the best and enjoy, it’s a fantastic ride!

  10. Amber Privizzini

    My hubs and I have 4 littles. Its crazy but fun. Going from 2 to 3 honestly and I am being 100% honest was not that bad. and we had ours SUPER close. I have Irish twins. Only 10 months apart. As close as you can get them. I was pregnant AT my 6 weeks checkout from just having a baby LOL. you can do it. Yea, I cant lie though. I already said it DOES get crazy. but its great having a big family. And you guys are a great, loving, close family. I can’t wait to see beautiful bebe #3. CONGRATS!!!

  11. Congratulations, Heidi!! So much exciting news in 1 post, no wonder you couldn’t wait to share 🙂 I’m also pregnant. It is our 2nd, but I didn’t even have my camera when I was pregnant the first time around- freaking out slightly!

  12. A)tried to sign up to receive updates and it said too many attempts to subscribe. Today is the first day I found you (on Pinterest) B)I am a 37 year old wife, mom of 4, nurse and freelance photographer. Went back to school two years ago to change careers but after one semester of full time classes and straight A’s- best time of my life, the college went under due to financial issues and left me with student loans up the tooshie and no degree but I have found so many resources, like your site, I continue to learn for my own sanity. C) I planned on having 2 kids…had a girl and a boy but when the girl was 3 and the boy was 4 months old, found out I was two months pregnant! I like even numbers, so of course, went for number 4! Trust me, you’ll be fine! The most difficult transitions were going from zero to one and from one to two. After that, it’s all gravy! Hubs cut me off after number four came because you can imagine what would’ve happened if we had 5… Yep, I’d have to have number 6 to round it out. And if any of those ended up being a set of twins? Lastly, you’ll be needing a minivan for sure. Worth its weight in gold, or rust in my case (2003 Dodge Caravan with zero options other than I could live for a month on what I find in there if I we’re ever stranded…not adviseable but doable. Anyway…congratulations! It’ll be fantastic!

  13. Congrats mama you’re a super woman! Yes 3 is a little crazier than 2 but since you have the juggling act down one more to the mix isn’t too bad. I found going from 1 to 2 was tough and 2 to 3 not as rough. There is hope! Now to cash in on all those offers of help and favors. Yes pleez!!!!

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